From idea to marketability

Financial and strategic support of start-ups

Why Auguris?

Benefit from our many years of experience, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plant engineering, consumer goods / white goods and automotive engineering.

Our expert knowledge and our management experience will help you to do everything right from the very beginning to bring your idea on the market. Auguris supports you from the early stage. We will accompany you as business angel with our expertise in strategy, purchasing / sourcing, SCM, production, assembly, controlling and corporate processes.

Your benefit

  • Build your start-up efficient and powerful right from the beginning.
  • Find a way around bottlenecks.
  • Focus on the right topics.
  • Our worldwide network of strategic partners and investors will support you!
Auguris GmbH
Advice in the early phase

  • Market potential
  • Strategic approach
  • Network for partners and service providers
  • Business plan / business model canvas

Auguris GmbH
Investment in the early stages
Seed capital to finance prototypes, development work, market analyzes and marketing activities in the early stage
Auguris GmbH
Development support

  • Workshops
  • Design thinking
  • Supplier network worldwide
  • Partner network worldwide

Auguris GmbH
Management coaching

  • Controlling / Finance
  • Purchasing / Production / Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate and employee leadership
  • Company culture
  • Lean start-up / lean principles


Current participations


Modular wind turbines